Saturday, February 12, 2011

A New Start

Well after two years on Wordpress, i taught this would be a great time to make the switch over to Blogger. I always wanted to be on Blogger but since i started on Wordpress i didn't want to lose my loyal peeps that would read everyday or check at least. I think this will be the start of something great as i try and make it a third year blogging about cards and sports. Hopefully allot of you that read on wordpress will follow me over here but if you don't thanks for reading for those two wonderful years at Wordpress.

Now i have a couple of packages going out on Monday so.... Rhubarb_Runner,Jonathan @ RGB Cards,Dawgbones, and a couple of others will be receiving their packages by mid week. Thanks for waiting but I've been really busy.

Other than that i have a couple of deals in the works, so hopefully they will pan out. And i have to post two packages, one i got a while back and the other one i got yesterday. So be on the look out for those. Once again thanks for following and joining me on Blogger from now on.

Wicked out!!

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  1. Great to have you over here. i look forward to reading your stuff